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On Friday 10th June 2012, the NSW SES Volunteers Association officially launched the Volunteers Association Welfare Fund. 

The aim of the fund is to provide financial support to volunteers of the NSW SES in their time of need. An ever increasing number of volunteers of the NSW SES and/or their family members find themselves facing some form of financial hardship due to reasons including injury, sickness and/or hardship during active service for the NSW SES.

In line with the NSW SES Volunteers Association motto “Volunteers supporting volunteers” the NSW SES Volunteers Association has established an organisation that aims to assist not only the volunteer members themselves but also their families. This organisation is known as the NSW SES Volunteers Association Welfare Fund. 

There are two objectives of the Welfare Fund. Firstly, to provide volunteer members of the NSW SES and their dependents with financial support during times of prolonged illness and/or extreme hardship, as well as to cover expenses incurred as a result of death, illness or injury as a result of unpaid service with the NSW SES or NSW SES Volunteers Association.

Since the establishment of the NSW SES there has not been a non-government organisation that has taken on the responsibility for the provision of financial assistance during times of need. This support will give the NSW SES volunteer members and immediate family a sense of security while working through the issues arsing from the disruption to their daily lives.

Application Information

-          The Welfare Fund provides emergency financial assistance and is limited to payments of $1500 total, per application.

-          The Welfare Fund is unable to make cash payments, and invoices will need to be provided for payment

-          The intent of the Welfare Fund and Committee is not limited to financial assistance, it includes information and access to external support programs

-          The recipient needs to apply for support via the Welfare Application, and ensure all information is provided

-          Funeral support for members of the NSW SES can be applied for by next of kin

-          The Volunteers Association can provide advice and guidance on support programs through or 1300 073 782


To apply for assistance please download the application form and forward it to:

Email Address:

Fax: 1300 273 782    

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