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December Issue of The Volunteer

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The NSW State Emergency Service (NSW SES) is the lead agency in the response to floods, storms and tsunamis in New South Wales. The NSW SES also supports other emergency services in times of natural and man-made disasters and is committed to building safer and more resilient communities. 

The NSW SES is the most versatile and widely used rescue and public safety organisation in New South Wales with volunteers who are always ready to assist their community through a wide range of emergencies. 

Volunteers are highly skilled and well trained to provide rescue, first aid and other vital services in emergencies. All units respond to the damage caused by storms and most have an active flood management role as well. Many regional units are responsible for road-crash rescue within their own areas and all units throughout the State provide support to other emergency services (including the NSW Police Force, Fire and Rescue NSW, NSW Rural Fire Service and Ambulance Service of NSW), as well as being involved in a range of community activities. 

Whilst the NSW SES can be of assistance there are additional ways you can assist yourself as well as other agencies that may be able to help:




NSW Police Force

Fire and Rescue NSW

NSW Rural Fire Service

Ambulance Service of NSW

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