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December Issue of The Volunteer

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The generous support of people across NSW who purchase our raffle tickets is greatly appreciated.  The NSW SES VOlunteers Association does not receive any government funding is reliany soley on fundraising in order to support the volunteers of the NSW SES through our welfare, grants, scholarships and sponsorship programs.

The NSW SES Volunteers Association ceased its raffle fundraising on 13 Janaury 2017 and will be supported by funds raised by the National SES Volunteers Associoation.

Funds raised in NSW from the National SES Volunteers Association raffle go to supporting the Volunteers of the NSW SES through programs operated by the NSW SES Volunteers Association.  These include:                                                                

  • Providing representation of the views and concerns of the volunteer members of the NSW SES;
  • Providing tangible benefits to the volunteer members of the NSW SES including:
    1. Unit Grants
    2. Educational Scholarships
    3. Funding Special Projects
    4. Supporting the SES Cadet program
    5. A welfare fund for Volunteers and their families
  • Providing public education

The NSW SES Volunteers Association holds a charitable fundraising authority under section 13A of the Charitable Fundraising Act 1991. Lic No. 18271.

Raffle Prizes

We have a wide range of prizes on offer and each raffle has a major prize draw and some minor prizes. 

The major prize is valued at around $20,000 and features the choice of gift cards, a car or travel vouchers. There are also prizes for our Regular Raffle Club supporters and bonus draws.

Check out the latest raffle and prizes here or to purchase your raffle tickets online

How to buy raffle tickets

Raffle tickets are sold via the professional contact centre team at OneContact.  The team at OneContact make calls to a well established database of regular supporters and also to the general public.

You can support the NSW SES Volunteers and buy direct by calling 1300 707 344

Many of our raffle supporters are now members of our Regular Raffle Club and participate in a number of raffles each year.  This saves you time and ensures you don't miss out on buying your raffle tickets.

Regular Raffle Club Members also get more chances to win prizes.  Each raffle now has a bonus draw for prizes only available to Regular Raffle Club members.

You have just received a phone call asking to support the NSW SES or buy a raffle ticket. Is it genuine?

Should you have any concerns or issues or wish to verify if a phone caller is an authorised as a ticket seller call our raffle team on 1300 707 344 or  using the Contact Us  form on this web site.