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December Issue of The Volunteer

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Reader's Digest Award

Trust. A word that keeps popping up this week in random conversations, and it’s only Tuesday.

It’s one of our most basic emotions, and by our I mean the animal kingdom. Think of a time where you have come across a scared, injured or nervous animal, how hard did you try to win its trust to offer assistance?

Did you stay still, speak quietly and calmly to reassure them that you were not there to inflict pain?

Did you repeat those actions over a period of time to prove your behaviour was true and well-intentioned?

Do you offer that same commitment to earning the trust of people?

The proof of your commitment to earning the community’s trust is in the results of the 2014 Reader’s Digest Most Trusted Profession Poll- where Rescue volunteers came third. Proceeded only by Paramedics and Firefighters.

The poll has been running for 10 years and the Reader’s Digest is “taking the opportunity to celebrate the best of the best”, including sending a trophy to the NSW SES as well as a letter of congratulations on the result to Acting Commissioner Jim Smith.

It is great to see that in times of need, our emergency services are heading up the top three positions of most trusted professions because let’s face it, in a crisis you need to be able to trust the people who are coming to your aid, the people who you are entrusting your life, your family’s lives or your most prized possessions to.

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