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December Issue of The Volunteer

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About the NSW SES Volunteers Association

The Volunteers Association is a not-for-profit registered charity that was established in 1998 to represent and support the volunteer members of the NSW State Emergency Service.

The Volunteers Association became an incorporated association in 2000 and a registered charity in 2005. In recognition of the need for the SES volunteers to have a member body and a voice to Government the Volunteers Association was included as a consultative body in 2010 into the State Emergency Service Act 1989 (NSW) (SES Act).

The Volunteers Association is an organisation set up for the benefit of the thousands of volunteer members of the SES. From its humble beginnings, the Volunteers Association has always stated that it is not a Union as it has no rights to represent volunteer members under any industrial relations legislation.

These are the men and women wearing orange that you see on the news and in the media. They are all volunteers that freely give their time training and responding to emergencies, as well as advising communities about what they can do to prepare for floods and storms.

They are professional volunteers who are highly trained in a variety of skills that can include general rescue, storm damage, flood rescue, car accident rescue, community first responder, alpine rescue, vertical rescue, domestic animal rescue, urban search and rescue. You will see them tarping roofs, rescuing people from floodwaters, sandbagging, removing fallen trees, rescuing people from car accidents, from heights and depths or alpine areas as well as searching for lost loved ones.

The Volunteers Association provides representation and support services for these volunteer members. It works closely with the NSW SES to achieve common goals and represent the interests of its volunteer members, advocating for them when appropriate.

Support provided by the Volunteers Association includes the provision of a NSW SES Volunteers Association Welfare Fund, grants to units for equipment and training, personal scholarships, and other support funding schemes.

Various fundraising activities are required to fund these support activities including raffles, donations, sponsorships, merchandise sales and advertising commissions.

The Association operates on a culture of values based leadership, transparent governance, equity, sustainable financial viability and growth with four simple objectives:

Growth - Growing the Volunteers Association to support its members

• Getting the right people in the right roles

• Improving the way we collaborate and communicate

Change – We are a contemporary organisation that can change quickly

• Building our identity and reputation

• Remaining relevant by responding to changes to meet the needs of our stakeholders

Culture - Our culture facilitates growth and minimises risk

• Transforming our culture so it reflects our values and is present in all our leadership

Risk - Our governance processes enable us to manage risk and realise opportunities as they arise

• Managing risk and taking advantage of opportunities as they arise

• Governance processes are clear and transparent and the Association decisions are aligned with community expectations

Core Purpose

The SES Volunteer Members will always be the prime reason for the Volunteers Association’s existence.

To support the Volunteers of the NSW SES.


The Volunteers Association needs not only to comply with all legislative requirements but also operates in accordance with its constitutional objectives being:

1. Advocate on behalf of NSW SES Volunteers

Speaking up for all NSW SES Volunteers on matters that are relevant to support their safety, wellbeing and volunteering experience.

2. Provide tangible benefits to NSW SES Volunteers

Supporting NSW SES Volunteers so they are ready and prepared to support their communities before during and after disasters and emergencies

3. Provide Public Education Letting people know what we do and what they can do – how they can help!


Volunteers Supporting Volunteers


Volunteers supporting volunteers to improve our Service


Our values describe what we believe, how we act and our commitment to serve our volunteer members and the community.


We determine our own destiny through planning

Team Focused

We work as a team to lead our organisation making decisions based on merit


We are a voice for the volunteers, speaking up for and supporting their interests


We maintain and grow a sustainable organisation that diligently maintains its resources and invests in its people


We act, lead and support our people, inspiring them to achieve successful outcomes